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Das Internet in 60 Sekunden

In jeder Minute, die man in der realen Welt verbringt, versäumt man folgende 60 Sekunden des digitalen Lebens:

  • Facebook: 249998400 Likes
  • Instagram: 174999600 Likes
  • Twitter: 26107200 neue Tweets
  • Snapchat: 6249600 aktive User
  • Youtube: 451461600 Video Aufrufe
  • Pinterest: 583200 Pins
  • Dropbox: 6001200 geteilte Dokumente
  • Tripadvisor: 237600 Bewertungen
  • Uber: 82800 Fahrten
  • Google: 186001200 Suchen
  • WhatsApp: 1000000000 Nachrichten

“The data used on this page was fetched from sources around the web referenced in above link. Some statistics are based on a yearly reported data and are thus averaged down to per second basis and do not represent actual real time data but rather very accurate approximation of real time growth.”

Das Internet In 10 Sekunden Sonicboom The PR Tech Agency


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